Teamwork makes the dream work: Find a resolution resource


Teamwork makes the dream work: Find a resolution resource

When my son started jujitsu, he had no idea what he was doing. He made up his mind to participate but didn’t know the first thing about moves, scrambles, flips or even warm-ups. He had to trust his coach — a professional with validated experience and history of success — to teach, correct and hold him accountable. If he didn’t have guidance and just rolled around on the floor with other kids week after week without getting better, he probably would’ve quit a long time ago.

As adults, we can apply the same experience to the CrossFit gym. Think of the first time you walked into Badger. “Where is the leg curl machine? They want us to do WHAT on the rig? How do I use those bands? Those boxes are for jumping?” If you didn’t have a coach to teach, hold you accountable and challenge you to grow, you probably would’ve gotten frustrated, overwhelmed or injured, and quit.

As 2018 approaches, we make up our minds to accomplish a task, achieve a goal, be a success. “I want to lose fat. I want to gain muscle. I want to track macros. I want to pre-plan meals. I want to fix my injury.” But we also need to find reputable resources and establish a support team to get us where we want to be.

Following is a list of professionals Badger works with to help you turn your resolutions into achievable goals:

Resolution: I want to lose weight, gain muscle, track macros, get help with my nutrition.
Resource: Becca Chilczenkowski, Lifestyle Nutrition,, [email protected]

Resolution: I have goals in the gym (to get a 400# deadlift, do a pull-up, make Regionals, etc).
Resource: Tina Martin, Badger CrossFit, [email protected]; Tyler Sullivan, Badger CrossFit, [email protected]

Resolution: I want to have a handle on premade meals so I’m not scrambling after work.
Resource: Origin Meals,

Resolution: I want to establish my baseline of health — the condition of my inner body.
Resource: Inside Tracker,

Resolution: I want to start taking supplements to improve my performance and recovery.
Resource: Stronger, Faster, Healthier; Driven Nutrition,

Resolution: I have a nagging injury I want to fix.
Resource: Dr. Mike Roberts, Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy,, [email protected]; Dr. Paul Ralston, One Source Wellness and Chiropractic,

Stay tuned for information about our Facebook live event in January, where we hash out what it takes to narrow down and crush your goals in 2018.