Sunday News


Sunday News

Bradford Beach WOD

First, ladies, PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE. I’ve sent this in the past, but we need to ensure you see it again.

Second, for those that do not have a Facebook account (we highly recommend getting one, even if you just use it to update yourself to BCF news!), but we are starting another 30 day challenge. Here’s the recap:

For 30 days, you will perform 50 BCF-quality pushups, and then 50 BCF-quality sit-ups. 

You will do this for 30 days. This is NOT timed. QUALITY over speed for this challenge — and that itself is a challenge. Here’s two videos I want you to follow:

We will only be worried about the standard hand position shown first in the video.

We want regular situps. Butterfly or standard version. I still don’t like the look of these so I’ll record a video soon.