Sunday the 5th, Classes are Cancelled


Sunday the 5th, Classes are Cancelled

Schedule Update:

All classes on Sunday are going to be cancelled as we are installing new LED overhead lighting. This will start from the end of classes on Saturday (11a) to Sunday all day.

For the safety of all our members and drop-ins, and the electrician himself, we need to do this. There will be no power to the building, and he will be working overhead with heavy objects. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

Coach Tyler will post a workout to do at home in the member FB group. Or better yet, join Coach Tina at ATHLETA in Mayfair for a workout at 9:30am on Sunday. Details can be found on our member FB group or directly with her. Or, get with your fellow athletes to do one together outside! I believe Amy W is gathering a group to go for a hike!