Respect the Rack


Respect the Rack

On Saturday, Oct. 10th we’ll be replacing our usual Saturday partner workout class times with a team workout/fundraising opportunity to raise money for one of our member’s families.

The workout will be(Note this is different than what is listed on the “Community For a Cause” website.)

In teams of 4:
10 minutes ME row cals
10 minutes ME thrusters (95/65)
10 minutes ME burpees over bar

Who your donations will go to:

Jim and Amie Broeniman have overcome many challenges, yet have continued to raise their three daughters in a loving and caring home environment. Now, however, Amie and Jim are facing yet another challenge and need your help. They need to move their family to an accessible one-story home. Please consider contributing to the Broeniman Family Fund.

Two of Amie and Jim’s girls have significant physical and cognitive challenges. Delaney, sixteen, has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. It is a developmental disorder. As a result of this, Delaney is small of stature, nonverbal and cognitively disabled. She needs a great deal of assistance with daily living and will never be able to live independently. Emma, thirteen, has a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis. It is a genetic disorder that disturbs cell growth in your nervous system, causing tumors to form on nerve tissue. She was diagnosed at just fifteen months after breaking her leg. On June 27, 2007, it was determined that she had hydrocephalus and two brain tumors. Over time, things have become much worse. Emma now has nine brain tumors, has had thirty surgeries, and is starting her sixth regimen of chemotherapy this week. She has had her spine fused, is legally blind, and walks unsteadily because of her brain tumors. In addition to all of this, Emma has lost her lower right leg and wears a prosthesis.

If this family has not weathered enough of life’s obstacles, Amie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. Recently, the doctors informed Amie that she has Stage Four Cancer in her bones. She now has significant osteoporosis and the problems that come along with that disease. She will begin her second regimen of chemotherapy very soon.

Jim and Amie bought their starter home seventeen years ago. The medical care and special needs required to care for their children has left them unable to function in a two-story home. Emma cannot safely walk alone up and down the stairs to her bedroom; Delaney sleeps in a loft bed because of limited space and it has become increasingly difficult and dangerous for Amie to care for her in that bed. Amie cannot carry the laundry from the basement to the main floor or especially the upstairs bedrooms and should not be navigating steps.

Jim has a full-time job and has done an excellent job of providing for his family, but has had to miss work to care for his family. Amie has not been able to work full- time, as the girls’ medical needs have demanded her attention. While they have done all they can to provide for their family’s needs, they find themselves, now, in the position of needing help to obtain a safe and accessible home for their family.

The Broenimans have been known to give back to the community however they can. When their oldest daughter, Allie, was only twelve years old, she founded a non-profit organization called ‘Operation a Sister’s Love’. Inspired by her sister Emma’s many hospital stays, she started making and delivering tied, fleece blankets to children who are sick or hospitalized. Operation a Sister’s Love, under Allie’s leadership has provided over 1100 blankets to these children. Allie is currently a sophomore at UW Oshkosh and comes home as often as she is able to help with the family’s needs

Please help us raise $150,000 to get them into a modest one-story home, as soon as we can.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to make a tremendous difference in the lives of this caring and special family.

Opportunities to Donate:
If you can’t donate but still want to participate in the WOD, you can! Please come hang out with us!

-There will be a donation bucket where you can drop cash or checks.
Make checks payable to “Give the Gift of Hope-Broeniman Family Fund”

-You can register on the Community For a Cause Website (T-shirt registration is closed, but all fees will go directly to the family):

-You can contact local businesses or friends(throw something on social media!) to raise pledges.

 The pledges will be in the form of a “per rep” amount of money.  For example, a local business could pledge $0.01 per rep that is completed at the participating affiliate or specific team. If your team were to perform 4000 total reps for the workout that local business would donate $40 to the charity designated by the participating affiliate. For this workout, we estimate teams getting 600-900 reps.

Pledges can be as little as $0.01, no pledge is to small.

You can download a pledge sheet here: