Reebok Shoes and Grassfed Beef order information


Reebok Shoes and Grassfed Beef order information


Hello hungry Badgers,

Steve from VDL Grassfed is coming down again on March 16th to deliver beef shares. If you are interested, here’s the rundown:

I produce Grass Fed Beef in Northern Wisconsin and make deliveries to Chicago and Minneapolis/Saint Paul. I also procure grass fed beef animals from other farmers in my area and harvest them as well. You can see photos of my and the other farms that I use on my facebook page at VDL GrassFed. I also have a website None of my animals is fed anything but grass and hay. No corn, grains, antibiotics, hormones, etc. None is raised in a feedlot setting, only pasture. All live outside all year around though most can get out of the weather if they want.

Mixed shares: 10-15 lbs, consist of 6 lbs of hamburger, about 3.5 lbs of steak and about 3.5 lbs of roast. Price is 5.80 per pound. Overall price per share varies because size of the shares vary.

Hamburger shares: 10-12 lbs, consist of 10-12 ‘one pound’ packages of hamburger. Each package weighs a bit more than a pound. Price is 5.40 per pound.

I also have all grassfed beef snack sticks, wieners, brats, soup/marrow bones and tongue. Ask for prices or other info if you are interested. I have beef liver that is free as long as it lasts.

If you are interested in shares, please submit your orders on this Google Doc:



For those that ordered the Reebok Nano’s here’s an update: You MUST change your shoe to use the J number (ie. J#####). The shoes, which are various in color and sizes, are listed in these two PDF documents. There is actually MORE variety in the catalogs. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ORDER TODAY OR TOMORROW WITH THE PROPER J CODE.

and this one:

The Google Doc is located here: