More building updates…


More building updates…

Our new tires, cleaned up.


As we stated on our Facebook page, this week is going to be productive for us! Last night, we had a professional cleaning crew come in and scrub the floors with heavy-duty cleaners. Since this part building is part of an industrial storage facility for Grede, it got to be awful messy the last 5-6 years its been empty. They had to go over the flooring twice to make clean! But we’re happy with it and the rubber mats will conceal most of the concrete anyway.

On the equipment end, a member of our gym and I snagged four tractor tires – two lighter ones and two heavy ones. We’re very happy to get those out of the way as you can imagine the logistical challenges… ┬áIn addition, we’ve finalized our main equipment orders and we’re expecting most of our stuff by next week!!! Rower, bumpers, GHD, barbells, kettlebells, tires, plyos… you name it, it’s coming! The pullup structure is also on it’s way.

Tomorrow afternoon, Marc and I are painting the walls with our Badger red coloring throughout. In addition, the bathroom is projected to be complete by Monday or Tuesday next week.

Things are moving along, and we are hoping for July 30th as our projected GRAND OPENING. More details to come on this event…