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Member Monday: Mitch and Hannah Seubert

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This week we check in with two of our Hygiene Specialists, Mitch & Hannah Seubert — Crossfiting since: Hannah: September 2013 (3.5 years) Mitch: June 2014 (3 years) — A little about yourself: Before coming to Milwaukee, Hannah went to dental hygiene school at MATC in Madison graduating in 2012. We then got married the summer of 2012 and lived together in the twin cities for my last year of undergrad at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. During that time we worked out at Anytime Fitness and didn’t see the results we would like. I then decided on dental school at Marquette University. While I attended dental school, Hannah worked as a hygienist. In October we became parents to little miss Harlow. I graduate from dental school May 2017 and then our family will be moving to Portage, WI (our hometown) where I will be joining my dad at Seubert Family Dentistry — How did you get into CrossFit: Since we lived in the Enclave we didn’t have to do much searching… Hannah was the one who had the idea of starting CrossFit and I was reluctant to start. We both did a free class at Badger CrossFit because it was right across the street and she begged me. How could I resist, after all we were celebrating our first anniversary. Hannah started right away and I followed suit after seeing how much she enjoyed it — How has CrossFit changed you outside the gym? Both Hannah and I have realized slowly (mainly me holding her back) that nutrition is so important to reaching your goals. Once we started to track (sort of) what we eat, we have seen much greater improvements. More than anything though, CrossFit has shown us a much more fit version of ourselves, and once we saw results from our hard work, we were hooked — What makes Badger CrossFit unique? Hannah and I haven’t dropped into many gyms before this year. We enjoyed Badger and didn’t think much of it. As we have started to drop into other gyms we have noticed how nice of equipment Tyler has. His gym really is the best we have been to in terms of equipment and the community is very inviting/friendly. The environment is great for anyone at any level of fitness.

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