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Member Monday: Brett Schmitz

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Today we check in with one of our 5am regulars, Brett Schmitz! — Crossfitting since: August 2015. — A little about yourself: I was born and raised in the Sussex/Menomonee Falls area where I currently reside.  I'm married to my beautiful wife, Niki and have two boys, Tyson (4) and Connor (1). I have always enjoyed pushing myself outside my comfort zone, whether that was sports while growing up and into college at UW-Whitewater, traveling the world through work experiences, or taking on the unknown of raising a family. — How did you get into CrossFit?  I was first introduced to CrossFit while watching the Games on ESPN.  I thought that looked fun, but didn't commit until I relocated my family out to Pittsburgh, PA for a job opportunity.  A relatively new affiliate close to where we were living was running a free class and through the encouragement of my wife I decided to take the plunge.  Since day one, I have been hooked. — How has CrossFit changed you outside the gym?  I now carry the "just get it done now, because it isn't going to get any easier" mentality with me daily.  I also have a lot more natural energy and feel healthier than I was in my 20s.  My motivation for starting CrossFit was to make sure I could keep up with my boys and be that role model they could emulate.  To do that I felt I needed to be mentally and physical strong.  CrossFit has checked both those boxes for me. — What makes Badger CrossFit unique? I started in a small affiliate in Pennsylvania that I loved, so coming to Badger was a little intimidating for me at first.  But it didn't take more than a couple sessions to realize how special Badger was and for me it comes down to the members, particularly that 5 a.m. group.  Obviously the coaching is top notch, and they keep us safe and prepared to come back for more, but the members are who really motivate me.  Whether it is trying to keep up with individuals I struggle to keep up with or looking over and seeing someone giving it their all is very motivating to me.  Effort is contagious.  I have also learned that every member has a unique path, very different than my own, that brings them to the same place as me everyday.

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