March’s Featured Female Athlete: Sarah Byers


March’s Featured Female Athlete: Sarah Byers

Name: Sarah Byers

Hometown: Milwaukee

Age: 43

CrossFitting since: 4.1.12

Favorite WOD or movement:  dead lifts and kettle bell stuff

Least favorite WOD or movement:  wall balls or anything were you have to squat

What is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit? running, biking and soccer

How did you get into CrossFit? recommendation plus the desire for strength training.

How have you changed since starting Badger CrossFit? yes I have more upper body strength; better understanding of how to do lifts–however still learning every class–long way to go!!

What are your goals for 2013? Where are you in terms of achieving them? finish the 1/2 iron man on July 22, 2012.  contine w crossfit to improve performance and overall health to include the following weight (160#), body fat (20%), and to make improvements w my squats. (Coaches note: SHE HAS!!!)

What makes Badger CrossFit unique? the ability to modify movements.  the belief / passion of instructor

Any best BCF stories?  No none yet.

What advice do you have for people just getting started? be true to yourself; you’re your only competition