Lurong Living Paleo Challenge: BCF Info


Lurong Living Paleo Challenge: BCF Info

Who: BCF Athletes

When: Starting Sept 17th. (Monday). This means you have to get your grocery shopping and cooking started today or tomorrow!!!

The photos, bodyfat measurements, weights, and WOD scores need to be in by the 27th.

We are doing this challenge for 8 weeks. I cannot wait to see the results..


Everything is explained here. You just need to eat 100% paleo, bring your A game to the gym each day, and be disciplined. I approve your scores, your weights, etc.

We will be doing the three WODs on the 17th, 19th, and 21st. Monday, Wed. and Fri. If you cannot make a day, you must make it up. Otherwise I am available during open gyms. I will be programming it for the whole gym as well.

What do I eat? READ
The key is to eat whole, natural foods.  Check out this site for meal plan ideas:

This is just a guideline. Ask on the BCF Athletes page on FB for recipe ideas if you need some. Otherwise, Google is your friend. I recommend, and some others like that. Hit me up for ideas as well.

Why? Bodyfat alignment, performance increase, healthy body, healthy mind. Not to mention, we as a gym are able to share the experience with eachother. Share the struggles, joys, etc and we can do it as a team. It’s much easier to do this as a team than on your own. Not to mention, you can compete against others in the gym, see what they’ve eaten, see their goals, etc. (I think).

WODs? We will be releasing them on Monday, Wed. and Friday next week. Go those days and you’ll be fine. Makeup days available if you miss…

Measurements? See me before any class to get picture taken, measure bodyfat, weighin, etc. YOU NEED TO DO THIS to submit your stuff. Due date on measurements and WOD scores is Sept 27th

This is a picture of what I need to measure on you:

Questions? Please contact me at [email protected]