It’s OK to Overindulge


It’s OK to Overindulge



We all have done it —  eaten until our belts have to be undone and then have to take a long nap to combat our food comas while we watch football.  The holidays always seem to give us leeway to overindulge. And you know what?

It’s ok.

Yes, it’s OK to overindulge for a day. Why? Because you should be spending time loving your family and friends and not worrying about much else.  One day does not undo all of your hard work. Please, do not beat yourself up over eating too much.

Instead of this unnecessary worrying, spend time thanking the people in your life for what they bring to it. Spend time reflecting and laughing and being in the moment. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the good things God has given us.

“But, but… mentally, I will feel better if I do some good at the table. What can I do to help this?”

Here are some ideas to circumvent any issues at the table:

  1. Load up on protein and your greens first. Eat your first and subsequent portions of these before you load up on the rest of the food. Protein makes you feel fuller, longer, along with greens (fiber), which will help you before you load up on pie.
  2. Take 20 minutes of rest after you eat the protein/greens before you load up on rolls, breads, and other refined carbs. Then go in for your holiday carbs!
  3. Same with sugary desserts — give yourself another 20 minute break before you go in for the kill. Relax, talk with family, be in the moment with people. Perhaps you’ll even forget about it while you do this!
  4. Have your desserts, and if you want more than one, just take smaller portions. But don’t miss out on it.
  5. Don’t take any desserts home for leftovers. Take up offers on turkey and veggies if able. If you’re hosting, offer to give these all away! Or even better, there are plenty of people at homeless shelters that could use home cooked food today!

These simple ideas will help prevent suffering for the rest of the day or even the next day. You can still have what you want, but just pace yourself so you actually enjoy it.

Being thankful is what the holidays are about. Embrace them with an attitude of gratitude and you’ll be sure to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.