Introducing the BCF “Committed Club”


Introducing the BCF “Committed Club”

We are excited to announce for 2017 our all new “Committed Club.” Here are the details…

Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness, gains, and dedication to one’s goals. The more you’re at BCF, kicking “Fran” and “Barbara’s” butts, the closer you are to your goals! The “committed club” is a public showing of their commitment to their fitness and health, through consistency.

To be a part of the committed club, you must RSVP and Check-n to Zenplanner at BCF 20 times or more in one month.  This includes FUNCTION, CROSSFIT and the WLC (not Mobility or Open Gym).

**At the end of each month, we will list everyone who made it on our website, on the whiteboard at the gym, and announce it before class, along with the number of times attended/checked-in next to their name!**

In addition, we will select one from this huge list (we hope), at random, for a gift/prize! What do you have to lose?!? It begins January 1st, 2017!!!