Garage Games Fittest Farmhand Competition


Garage Games Fittest Farmhand Competition


We had a wonderful showing of camaraderie, athleticism, and fun while competing in Waunakee (Madison) this weekend. Coach Troy, Coach Tyler, Brie, Grey, Robb, Luke and Erik all signed up to participate in the event and what a showing we had! The event was ran by CrossFit Farmland and crew and they were organized, detailed, and had great WODs across all spans of fitness skills. Thank you to all who ran it! And thank you to everyone who came out to support us all.

We had many first timers competing and it was definitely something we all look forward to doing again. Competition exposes our weaknesses, but also pushes us outside the box, lighting a fire beneath us to go above and beyond. We hope many of you compete in the future. Everyone above will tell you how awesome it is to do this…

WOD 1: 40yd railroad tie flip (20yd for scaled, wall ball toss beginner)
Run up large hill with 4 very large hay bales, Run back down, 30 burpees on plate (20 scaled, 15 beginner), Run back up hill with bales, sprint down and 40 yd railroad tie flip again.

Results: Tyler and Luke placed 1st and 2nd respectively in the men’s RX division.

Grey took 1st in scaled, Troy placed 5th, Brie took 3rd!

Erik took 1st in beginner.

We SWEPT WOD 1  and we represented our endurance and stamina real well.

WOD 2:  AMRAP 12 of 185# hang squat clean, 40yd railroad tie carry. (135 scaled, 95# women, tires instead of ties.)

Results: Luke took 2nd overall in men’s RX, Tyler 3rd. Brie we believe took top 5 as well. Will find out soon.

Our men and wo

WOD 3: 2 DL, 2 pullups, 4 DL, 4 pullups….etc. (men choose women between 255-315#, scaled 185-225#, 105-165# women)

Results: Unknown as of right now…

FINAL: Coach Tyler – 1st overall men’s RX. Luke – 4th overall men’s RX.

Grey – 4th overall men’s scaled.

Erik – 2nd overall men’s beginner.

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