BCF Nutrition Series: 30 Day Reset!


BCF Nutrition Series: 30 Day Reset!

What: BCF Nutrition Series: 30 Day Nutritonal Reset!

As part of our ongoing quest to change your relationship with food as information and fuel instead of “what you should do,” we are continually educating you through a series of workshops, challenges, seminars, and ideas to ensure your relationship with food and fitness is unified and well.

Who: Members of Badger CrossFit or FUNCTION MKE!

When: Jan 4 – Feb 4th – 30 days!

Why: It takes about 3-4 weeks for your body to reset with food, especially when you’ve been eating sugar, refined grains, and alcohol. During this period of 30 days, your body will be reset back to normal through healing of the gut (GI). We also believe that eating right for health and information, not just “lose 10 pounds” is a much longer, sustainable option for success in your goals.

How: For 30 days, starting January 4th, we will be doing a 30 day Nutritional Reset. Think Whole30 (paleo), but a little less strict. You CAN have rice, sweet potatos, and some others which we will get more indepth about later. Our reset is not as strict, because we realize most of you still want to CrossFit, and Whole30+CrossFit is not a good match from our experience.

Each week (4x), we will be having a “potluck” where we meet others in this reset, share struggles, joys, recipes, etc.

Each day, you will be required (encouraged) to post your daily food intake in our BCF Nutrition private FB group. It’s best you post viamyfitnesspal.com for easiest reading.

To calculate your BMR/TDEE (how much you should be eating), please click here:

To see what you cannot eat, please please visit:

It’s this accountability that ensures you will not stray from the reset! This reset is HARD, but it’s so important to know what you can and cannot eat for long term success!

Partnership: We are partnering up with Brewers Organics here in Milwaukee to provide you all with quality, fresh, and local produce. For $35/week, EACH week you get a basket full of fresh fruit and veggies, and things you haven’t seen before! It’s organic, local, and awesome.

It’s time to get creative with your cooking so you can do this for the long haul!

Please enter the coupon code BADGERCROSSFIT to receive 50% off your first order with them.

We also work with Urban Caveman FreshPacks delivery service for those who have a tighter schedule to cook, but still want the option of quality, local food that adheres to this reset!