Barbell PSA


Barbell PSA

Consider this a Barbell Public Service Announcement.

Color Coded Tape

Blue, Purple, Yellow. Daddy Bar, Baby Bar, Mamma Bar.

Some of you saw, others didn’t. I’ve set up colored tape on the barbells to easily distinguish what weights the bars are. Simple, effective, and now I don’t have to tell you what weighs what. 🙂

Blue = Guy’s bar.  45 Lbs.

Yellow = Girl’s bar. 15K or 35 Lbs.

Green = Training bar. 15 Lbs.

Guy’s Bar, Blue Tape

Now this bar is not reserved for guys, they just tend to use them more often because they are heavier.


Two Dudes at the bar. Sausagefest….

Girl’s Bar, Yellow Tape


Oh yes it’s Ladies Night & the Feelings Right!

Again, bars are not reserved by gender, but we tend to call the yellow tape bar girl’s bars because they weigh less.

Trainer Bar, Green Tape

The trainer bars are obviously different.  They weigh only 15 LBS.  These are great to use when you are keeping the weight light for a lift.

Bumpers and Dumping

We always want you to dump weights when you need to.  It is the safe thing to do.  We just want you to choose wisely when you are setting up your bar.  Don’t set up a 35# girls bar for a metcon with only 5# metal weights on it and then drop it.  Use the 15# trainer bar with 15# Hi Temp Plates (rubbery black plates).  They are meant for dumping, the small metal and 10# plastic weights aren’t.  Also when setting up a bar with only 10# plates on it, try to use the Hi Temp (rubbery black plates) and not the hard rubber plates.  The Hi Temps won’t break when dumped by themselves.  The hard rubber ones will.  Any plate 15#s and higher are fine to dump on a bar by themselves.  Only use the 10# hard rubber plates on a bar when other plates are also on the bar, OR just control the weight down.  The other plates with absorb the impact of the dump and not damage the 10# hard rubber plates.

OK… That is the end of the Barbell PSA.