Badger CrossFit Gym Guide and Info


Badger CrossFit Gym Guide and Info

Hey Badger CrossFitters!

If you’re like most people who are new to us, you probably aren’t too familiar with all the equipment we have at the gym.  So here’s a picture tour guide of the gym’s equipment and information/tips to guide you through. If you have any other questions about things, let us know!

Rowers. When done, remove handle from holster to prevent slack in the pulley system long term.


Kettlebells. Use them, swing them, enjoy them.


L to R — training bar, women’s bar, men’s bar.


Our steel plate tree.


The heights of our 3-in-1 box.


This is how to stack plates properly.


L to R band tension:
10-35# (purple)
30-50# (red)
40-80# (blue)
50-120 (green)
60-150 (black)

We also have other color bands mixed in with these. The diameter of the bands are the same, but the color may not be.


The running route.

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