August Committed Club (2019)


August Committed Club (2019)

Summer is coming to a close but things are heating up as we move into Fall!

Congratulations to a huge group of members for their dedication to training, wellbeing, and health! Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness performance gains. The more you’re at Badger CrossFit, the closer you are to your goals! Many came, but didn’t RSVP and Check-in to classes.  To be a part of the committed club, you must check in and WOD 15 times or more in one month. Details are here.

This month’s crew of >=15 classes (if your name is missed, it’s most likely you didn’t do both check-in and RSVP to class):

Alex Blake
Betsy Karli
Carlos Herrera
Chris Lazarski
Colleen Pomeroy
Courtney Desorbo
Danielle Brusky
Drew Porterfield
Jack Batzner
Jess Strother
Jon Becker
Julie Nicholds
Karen Martino
Katherine Lazarski
Kyle Rhoades
Leah Rosenow
Leslie Colvin
Lexxi Rokvic
Maria Garcia
Martha Savory
Matthew Mason
Megan Peloquin
Peter Setter
Rich Watt
Robert Mochel
Ross Milton
Sam Albiero
Shannon Miller
Sumeet Uttamchandani
Troy Peterson
Will Erik


When you see Robert Mochel, give him a high five!  Robert is the winner for being “Committed” making it in 17 times this past month and being in the committed club EVERY MONTH so far in 2019!   He joined Badger in June of 2018 and has stayed dedicated to his fitness ever since.  He started in bootcamp and is now excelling in Function and Nutrition Coaching with Coach Joe – losing over 50lbs since he started his journey!  He is consistent even as a new first time father making his health a priority and an inspiration to those who get to work alongside him in classes. Awesome job Robert!