Aug. 2nd: #2


Aug. 2nd: #2

Elements classes are full. The next one starts Aug. 15th. Please see the schedule for details, or contact me.

Warmup: “Badger” warmup; Part 2: Part 2: 20-shoulder presses (dowel or empty barbell), 10-stink bugs

Individual Warm-up: 20 pull-ups (you can do strict, kip, or butterfly – work on skill and movement, not for time!)

Strength: Shoulder Press 1) 5 x 65% 2) 5 x 75% 3) 5 x 85%

WOD: AMRAP 20 Min.

5-HSPU, 10-Toes 2 Bar, 15-Box Jumps

Recovery: Banded shoulder stretch, cobra stretch, plank calf stretches.