9/9 “Friday”


9/9 “Friday”

The numbers don’t lie. When I did my first hydrostatic body fat test last year (or maybe it was two years ago), I was floored. More than 24 percent of my little-framed-lanky body was… *gulp* … fat.

And as I watched other women exit the water wagon with their results in hand, they gave me looks of displeasure.

“Wow, I’m a little disappointed,” one said.

“I didn’t expect that!” said another.

Because collectively we think we are doing things right. We have a general concept of health and fitness in mind and adhere to the “plan.” But when we are hit with reality, we realize health and fitness is not a one-size-fits-all prescription. And what you think is helping may actually be a waste of time and effort.

Eat the bread.
When Wheat Belly came out by Dr. William Davis, suddenly I was looking at gluten as the enemy. And I guess so did the food manufacturers. Suddenly gluten-free everything was popping up in stores. But is gluten the problem for YOU, Tyler asked me one day. The only way I could find out was purging my diet and then slowly reintroducing it back. And you know what? I like bread. My body likes bread. So I eat the bread.

Too much WOD = bad
The more you work out, the better…right? Your body needs to move so why not spend it doing the best workout available (I’m talking about CrossFit here)? So, I braved WODs every. single. weekday. By Friday, however, I was sore, tired, weak, and my intensity dropped two-fold. I didn’t care about PRs. My body wanted a rest. And I realized too, if I kept going five days in a row, I would get tight — oh so tight — and would risk injury.

Go to sleep already!

When I was in college, it was “the thing” to go out all night and somehow make it to class the next morning. Sleep was overrated and we would often brag about how little sleep we got. As an adult, it’s hard to break that stigma. For a long time I felt unable to go to bed before 10pm because it wasn’t “cool.” I’d somehow miss out on life. However, after having kids and being unbelievably exhausted by day’s end, I can say confidently I go to sleep before 10pm. Sometimes now before 9pm. And my body thanks me.

I challenge you to investigate the truths you believe about health and fitness and if they really are working to your advantage. Just like the hydrostatic test, seeing reality may help you make changes for the better.

-Amy Sullivan

Fitness and Performance:
Strict Press, Deadlift

Run, Burpees, T2B