9/8 “Testing Week”


9/8 “Testing Week”

BCFers! Lend me your eyes/ears!

I hope you all had a great week and long weekend with fam/friends, eats/dranks, yourself/solitude, and are ready to attack this week. I sure am, and ready and excited to see the crazy gains because this week is TESTING!

We will be testing your 1RMs and doing some classics in the CrossFit world! Along with a battery of other testing opportunities, it’s a week you shouldn’t miss. Take extra effort to make it in this week! This is for YOUR benefit to know these tests for future % work, workout weightsa, strength benchmarking, endurance tests, etc. as all are important to gauge your progress in fitness and health. Are you declining? How do you know? Maybe you haven’t rested or eaten well enough lately. Well, this week will show that, and it may/should motivate you to get back on track! Killing the diet game and resting well, with Emma’s mobility class and eating the right amount and quality fuel? This should also be reflected in your performance and it’s a tell-tale sign you’re doing the right things for your body.

Purpose, intentful training on your part is a huge motivator for long term gains and success. Push your people in your classes, help them if they are finishing, or going for a new 1RM. Be sure to video some epic lifts as well — we want to showcase your fitness.

Schedule to not miss:
Tomorrow – 1RM back squat and strict pullup test. Capacity test WOD
Wednesday – 1RM push press and classic girl wod + row test.
Thursday – 1RM Clean or 3RM FS (fitness)
Friday – no testing.
Saturday – partner WOD/classic (maybe?)

See you in the gym!

-Coach Tyler


1RM or heavy single back squat


Fitness: Goblet squat, no-pushup burpee, row
Performance: Capacity WOD test – thrusters and burpees.