5/21 “Thursday”


5/21 “Thursday”

Close-grip Bench Press @ heavy weight, Strict Handstand Pushups OR Handstand Hold, Hollow Hold, L-sit Hold

Row, Deadlifts (bodyweight), Burpees over barbell


Member News:

+++Lost and Found:
Please check the lost and Found! We’re taking things to GoodWill this Friday(5/22)!

+++WOD Tracking:
Some of you may or may not have been using WOD tracking! For about a week now, we haven’t been entering workouts in. This is due to the expansion and soon-to-come changes to the check-in process. If you want to track everything, join us on SugarWOD for the time being.

+++Memorial Day Murph:

Please sign up in the Zen Planner Calendar! Pending on numbers heats will be released on the blog and facebook the night before!


T-shirts for the Badger Weightlifting Club, CrossFit Kids, and Regionals are coming soon! Thank you for your patience!