9/5 WOD: Perform in any circumstance.


9/5 WOD: Perform in any circumstance.

Doing work…

I want you to be able to perform in any and all circumstances!  This means crowded, cold, hot, wet, etc!  Dont try to adjust everything to suit you.  What do you gain out of this little mind game?  You will be able to do what you need to do without getting frustrated.  We all get angry but frustration is the worst thing that could happen to us when we were training or competing.  So put yourself in more weird positions and you will be more adapt to cope with it.

Strength: 5×3 squat snatches @ 70%
WOD: 3 rounds, 20 thrusters, 20 pullups, 20 double-unders
Rx: 85/55 L1: 45/35, single-unders

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