9/5 “Saturday”


9/5 “Saturday”


Hang Squat Cleans

Partner WOD:
Double unders, Calorie row, Hang Power Clean (95/65), Burpees over bar, Slam Balls (35/25), S2OH, Clean and Jerk

Update/News regarding Zen Planner
Zen Planner recently updated their software which has created some challenges for us.

You may have received an alert or a prompt to sign “unsigned documents” in Zen Planner. It may have prohibited you from checking in.

If this happens, please try and login to sign your “unsigned” documents (even if you’ve already signed them). You can do this by logging into your zen planner member profile and clicking the “sign now” button in the banner above. If you are having a hard time checking in, please email us, and we will remove the alert.

Understand that this is not a permanent thing. We’re currently investigating some different ways in configuring the system to make this less bothersome. We’re hoping to have an alternative process in 2 to 3 weeks.

In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience!
Reach out with questions or concerns!