9/30 “Wednesday”


9/30 “Wednesday”

Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang Squat Clean

Power Clean + Front Squat + Pause Squat Clean (Pause at knee)

Suitcase carry (heavy KB or DB), Slam Balls (35/25), Calorie Row, Box Jump overs (24/20)

Suitcase carry (heavy), Calorie AB, Calorie Row, Lateral Box Jump Overs (24/20)


+++Thank you!
We are overwhelmingly surprised and encouraged by the level of generosity and willingness displayed in Badger CrossFit members. It has been amazing to see so many step up and help to contribute (time, money, and effort) to the community (beer??) garden. We’re so excited to get this thing up and running by next spring and there is no way that it could have happened without all of your support. Stay tuned for an official “reveal” date/ribbon cutting party and more opportunities to dump soil/compost and mulch! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

+++On Oct. 10th, in partnership with Community For a Cause and a number of other local boxes throughout the Midwest, we’ll be exchanging our standard Saturday workouts with a team workout to benefit a local breast cancer cause. This time around we’ll be supporting a member’s family. Read more about sign up, the WOD,  and registration here> https://www.badgercrossfit.com/2015/09/respect-the-rack/

+++SFH Order for the month of Oct. Order form to close on the morning of Sunday, the 4th.

+++New schedule changes are as follows:
We have added a FUNCTION MKE class everyday at 6am — we have removed the 9am
We have removed the 9:30am CrossFit class and added open gym! Come in if you can’t make it to noon.
We have added a 6:30pm on Thursday nights!

Over the last couple months there has been an increase in people not RSVP-ing for class. We understand that life happens and there are days where work is unpredictable but we still require that you RSVP for classes. If you have a sudden schedule change and can make it to a class please try to shoot us an email or a phone call informing us that you’re coming.

RSVP-ing helps us immensely in planning coach resources. It is our goal at BCF to have 2 coaches in nearly every class to ensure you have more eyes and coaching available to you. RSVP-ing helps us ensure this is being accomplished. We appreciate your cooperation!