9/30 “Tuesday”


9/30 “Tuesday”


Fitness: HSPU, DU, HS Hold
Performance: HSPU, DU, HS Hold


Fitness: Burpee, run, pushup, push press
Performance: Burpee, run, ring dip, hspu

Badger News:

Upcoming Events/classes:
1. Power and Grace Performance Camp
February 2015 @ BCF HQ

2. The Spartan Race
November 1st, 2015 @ Miller Park. *Use team name Badger CrossFit to sign up with us! Code SPARTANBLOGGER for 10% off.

3. Olympic Weightlifting Class:
Look for an email to go out soon! It will go over a variety of things about the on-going, weekly classes. It will also lay out what we plan to do with this course, why you may want to come to it, and who this is really for.
We’re super excited to get it going in 2 weeks! Start date is 10/6

We’ll be reviewing RSVP’s and Check-ins tomorrow for the month of Sept and charging accounts for missed classes or RSVPs. Per usual, you can request to review what we’re seeing on our end for missed attendances and offer up disputes. We know that Zen Planner is not an infallible system but we also want to encourage vigilance in RSPVing and Checking in! Look for emails to be sent within the first week of October!