3/21 “Saturday”


3/21 “Saturday”


Class WOD:
Pullups, Pushups, Squats



+++15.4 Heats are up+++ (PENDING INFO – see below):

For those of you doing 15.4 Rx (meaning you ARE going to do HSPU because you have them, not because you hope to have them), you are to please let us know you are doing RX…if you haven’t specified this in the Facebook group, please email us at [email protected] This is for judging reasons with the new standard.

Further Notes:
NO ONE should be putting duct tape, chalk, or any kind of tape on the walls. Talk to either Coach Tyler or Coach Adam if this is something you feel you need to do. No chalk either you receive permission.

From Coach Tyler:
“It’s my job as a gym owner, personal trainer, coach, and all around cool guy (right?) to let you know the risks and benefits of movements. This is crucial to progressing properly and safely for your time here. My mission is to ensure you are the most fit, for life. You cannot fulfill this mission if you are injured. So therefore, I am letting you know because I care and I want you safe here, that if you do not possess the ability to slowly lower yourself from a handstand to your head, then you should not consider the Rx option. In my opinion, this isn’t the time to get your first kipping HSPU. Do it on your own time, under no pressure. Have fun, be smart, and stay safe!”