9/28 “Bodyfat testing complete!”


9/28 “Bodyfat testing complete!”


Back squats, pullup negatives.


4 Rounds
200m shuttle run (50m x 4)
12 burpees to 6″ target (Performance: burpee pullups)


The hydrostatic bodyfat testing was a hit!!! We filled up the entire sheet full of testing (all 6 hours).

Thank you to everyone who came out today. Thank you to Danny from Gold Sandard Testing.com for the great experience today. He will be coming back to Milwaukee around the end of December for retesting! Just in time for the new year.

Was your bodyfat higher than you thought? Was it lower? Was it just as expected? Were you disappointed? Were you happy? Either way, it’s the current reality. Your reality. The information is there and now it’s up to YOU to make the changes. Like we talked about last weekend, it’s important to start eating your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). What is listed is accurate. Yes, you need to eat this much. No you’re not supposed to eat under this amount. No excuses! Start eating! Talk with someone who can eat this much. Talk with your fellow Badgers about recipes, meal planning, etc. We also have a Facebook group for Nutriton. Let us know if you want in!

Our next workshops will talk about what to eat, meal prep, supplements, and much much more!

Thank you for being a part of this nutritional culture shift! I hope this experience was eye opening — one that gave you the information needed to make sound health, nutrition and fitness decisions.

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