9/25 “Friday”


9/25 “Friday”

Overhead squat

Power Snatch

Alt. DB Snatch (60/35), Suitcase DB Lunges (same), P-dips or Pushups

Power Snatches (155/105), Front Rack Reverse Lunges (same), Ring Dips

Member News:
+++Retail Store:
Until you hear otherwise on a new retail process, please either check out in the online store and wait until a staff member puts your order in the member retail pick up cabinet or if you are at the gym, let tyler, adam, or Sara know what you’re going to take and we can either process the payment then and there, or later in the day. We are hoping to make some changes to this process soon, but in the meantime, this is the policy.

+++If you are signed up for the Hydrostatic Body fat test, we cannot charge the credit card you have on file. Please bring cash or check, which you pass directly on to the individual/company hosting the test. Also, DON’T FORGET YOUR TOWEL AND SWIM SUIT!

+++Do you find yourself shuffling along on your runs? Are you chasing the ever-elusive swoll calf muscles? Do you gasp for air on WODs that last more than 20 minutes? You can still sign up for Endurance! Log in to your member profile, click “sign up” in the left hand side bar and select “endurance”. $35 for 3 months with our running expert, Coach Dan. Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]

+++If you haven’t checked it out, walk behind the gym and check out the amazing work that one of our members, Will, has done, building raised beds. We are so so appreciative of all his hard AND the work of those who have spent time digging, staining boards, pulling weeds, and hauling rubbish. So cool to see how members have stepped up. Can’t wait to stock those beds full of veggies come next spring!