9/22 WOD: “Jackie”


9/22 WOD: “Jackie”

Nate (L) and Christine (R) have made HUGE progress in just 8 weeks - almost right before my eyes! Both have lost considerable amounts of excess fat, all the while getting strong and more fit! They have entered beast mode! Well done guys!

Are you watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN2? If not, it’s on again tonight at 7PM!  

Reminder: We are having class on Saturday at Hart Park! Meet in the parking lot at Hart Park. I will post a sign on the door to remind you we’re not at the gym.

Individual Warmup: Plank holds (work up to 1 min). 30 seconds each side.

Strength: Front Squats 5-3-3-1-1-1

WOD: “Jackie” 1k row, 50-45lb thrusters, 30-pullups. Please do not use blank bars, use training bars.

We are going to have to go in heats so RX goes first. As soon as rower is clear new athlete can mount and get ready to start.


4 Rounds
15 push press (95/65)
15 burpees over bar

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