9/13 WOD: Death by Clean & Jerk!


9/13 WOD: Death by Clean & Jerk!

BCF members hanging around after the wod stretching. On the right is Chris Monson, who is starting to kill the wods!


Individual Warm-up: 20 toes-to-bar, 10 GHD situps

Warm-Up: BCF WU Part #2: 20-dead-lifts, 15-hang power cleans. Part-3: 20-shoulder press, 15-push or split

Strength: Shoulder press, 1) 5 x 75%, 2) 3 x 85%, 3) 1+ x 95%

WOD: Death by Clean & Jerk. Every min on min do reps, start at 1-rep, add 1-rep each min until you
failto get all reps during min of work. Your choice power clean or clean.

Rx: 135 / 95, L-2: 75% of 1rm clean, L-1: 95 / 65

Recovery: Banded hamstring and shoulder stretches, 1:00 bar hang.