9/12 WOD: Intervals


9/12 WOD: Intervals

Ian W, 5 mos of CrossFit… ‘Nuf said… You CAN gain muscle and/or lose fat with CrossFit. Depends on your goal and your nutrition.

Reminder that this Saturday after the 9AM group WOD, we will have a competitors meeting (https://www.facebook.com/events/498394886856703/) for those interested in competing in CrossFit, preparing for the Games, etc.

After that, at 10:30, we will have a CF Endurance kickoff meeting regarding times, signing up, cost, other Q&As, etc. (https://www.facebook.com/events/279584158809846/).

Finally, once you get signed up for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, you’ll get info from me about things… (https://www.facebook.com/events/342640282497458/)

Be sure to RSVP to any of these if interested.

Skill: Weighted Plank Holds
Strength: 15 min to est 3RM back squat
WOD: 4 rounds for total reps, :90 sec ME power cleans (135/95), :90 sec rest, :90 sec ME burpees, :90 rest.

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**BCF Competitors Meeting. This Saturday.

**BCF Endurance Meeting Q&A. This Saturday.

**Who’s ready for an in-house BCF CrossFit throwdown? Multiple WODs, formats, and prizes for the winners!!! Scaled and Rx division – do able for anyone! Get your competition juices going for this fall! Details soon!!!!

**We just registered as a gym for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. If you want in on a challenge, sign up.

**CrossFit Endurance coming to BCF week of Sept. 17th! Details here

**Want to be a BCF CrossFit Coach? See here.

**Please take a moment to fill out your BCF Athlete Profile. Here’s the form.