9/12 “Saturday”


9/12 “Saturday”

Partner WOD:”Always Remembered” in honor of September 11th
Rope Climbs, Bear Complexes* (155/105),Row “Cash-Out”

*Bear Complex= Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk + Back Squat + Back Rack Jerk
Each movement is done independently – do not blend movements together (i.e. Thruster)

2001 -year
4 – Number of planes
9 – month
11 – day
2977 – number of lives lost


Member News:

=-=-=-=- CrossFit Endurance starts next week! =-=-=-=


“Friends–Endurance, perhaps the most funnerest of all Crossfit offerings, is happening very, very soon. Goals: beat your brother in the Turkey Trot 5 km on Thanksgiving? Yes. Get ready for the Fall 10 km/half marathon/marathon/Al’s Run? Yes. Lose a few stubborn pounds, improve your metabolic conditioning, and destroy your next Helen/Fran/Nancy/Murph and the dreaded Clovis times? Absolutely.
I run a fun, fast, highly-functional and user-friendly alternative to brawn and barbells at the gym. I am CrossFit certified and life-experience tested to make you fitter and faster.

Please look for announcements regarding the program. Check out the Crossfit Endurance website. Plan a Fall race. What do you have to lose except your old 5 km PR?”

Start date: September 16th, 6pm @ Hart Park
End date: December 12th, 10am @ Pettit (I assume)
Times: Wednesdays at 6pm, Saturdays at 10am
Cost: $35 a month for 3 months.
Structure: 12 week program, 2x/week with Coach Dan

SIGN UP HERE: https://badgercrossfit.sites.zenplanner.com/registration.cfm?payment=MEMBERSHIP&MembershipTemplateId=0D50741A-3056-41EC-A0D1-509FC5903400&personId=6BAD96CB-1EC3-4874-81FF-D0D65455B948
FYI, if you are an existing member, you do not need to create a new member profile! Scroll down and click the “Not a new member” link.

++BCF Nutrition Series: Hydrostatic Bodyfat Test

In part of the nutritional culture shift and the BCF Nutrition Series, we have the opportunity to get your bodyfat done hydrostatically. This is THE MOST ACCURATE way to measure where you are currently, along with a variety of other information points for your progress, like your BMR! You do NOT want to miss this. Only $49. Sunday the 27th, from 6a – Noon.

Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1637861899833171/

++BCF Shorts Pre-order information:

Finally! We are getting shorts. Shorts are now ready for online pre-order, this pre-order will run 2 weeks. Delivery date will be sometime in October.

Men’s WOD Shorts

Women’s WOD Shorts

You will be charged at the time of placing the order. We will not produce this item until all pre-orders are collected for all. Delivery will be made in bulk to us where they will be made available for pickup.

++Zen Planner Unsigned Documents:

Zen Planner has changed their “Unsigned Document policy so that a document will generate for you to sign in the below cases. Please sign the documents in your zen planner profile by logging in and clicking on the “sign now” banner. You won’t be able to check-in to class until you do so.

1. You purchase a new membership, be it a punch card, weightlifting membership, crossfit kids membership, or any NEW month-to-month or pre-paid membership, or your membership is set to “manual renewal” . If you have an auto-renewing membership, you will not have to sign a new membership agreement each month.

2. If you didn’t sign a membership agreement for current membership terms: even if you purchased it in the past.

3. If you purchase a membership and your card doesn’t go through .Zen Planner will still generate a new membership agreement for every time you try to process the payment with your card. In this case, reach out to us and we can delete the agreements irrelevant to your membership terms.

++Grassfed Beef Orders

Those of you who ordered grassfed beef on the google doc that was posted yesterday, PLEASE PICK UP ON FRIDAY or SATURDAY. If it is left past Saturday, we will have to give it back. If you cannot make it to pick up, please work something out with one of your fellow Badgers.