9/11 WOD: “Klepto” – We will always remember 9/11


9/11 WOD: “Klepto” – We will always remember 9/11


Skill: Weighted plank
Strength: 15 min to establish 1RM 2 position snatch
WOD: “Klepto” 4 rounds, 27 box jumps, 20 burpees, 11 squat cleans

**The first 3 minutes of the workout in each class today will be without music. Appreciate the sounds of your breathing during that minute. Appreciate your ability to workout. Appreciate the ones who can no longer, for your sake. 

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**BCF Competitors Meeting. This Saturday.

**BCF Endurance Meeting Q&A. This Saturday.

**Who’s ready for an in-house BCF CrossFit throwdown? Multiple WODs, formats, and prizes for the winners!!! Scaled and Rx division – do able for anyone! Get your competition juices going for this fall! Details soon!!!!

**We just registered as a gym for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. If you want in on a challenge, sign up.

**CrossFit Endurance coming to BCF week of Sept. 17th! Details here

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