9/1 WOD: A new month!


9/1 WOD: A new month!

Justin H has been making huge gains, and shows no signs of stopping. Keep at it J!


Badger News: MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS ARE DUE SEPT. 1st. If you are coming tomorrow, you must pay before you WOD. If you are coming later in the week or next week, plan on bringing in your dues then. If you’ve already paid, thank you and see you in the gym!!!

Individual Warm-up: Handstand walks

Warm-Up: Badger WU Part #2: 10-shoulder press, 10-behind the neck push-press. Part #3: 10-back squats, 10-OH squats, 10-snatch balance.

Strength: Bench, 1) 5 x 65%, 2) 5 x 75%, 3) 5+ x 85%

WOD: Snatch Balance 3, 3, 3


AMRAP 10min of:

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Recovery: Back and quad role outs, C and T spine lacrosse ball role outs.