8/6 “Tuesday”


8/6 “Tuesday”

“We love the fact that people get so stoked on the crazy workouts we do here at BCF. It is amazing to watch individuals get hooked on something beneficial for their bodies and it has been amazing to see people change! We hope you can relate and we hope that you leave the gym feeling awesome and excited, even on the days you come in feeling hesitant.
However, there could come a time when you may get discouraged because you are not seeing a big change in body composition. Are you working hard but don’t feel like you’re seeing much change?
When folks come to me confused or bothered by this, my first question is “How’s your nutrition?”. Invariably, the answer is “Well, I eat pretty good” or “Im about 80% paleo”.

The next thing I would like to know is if those same individuals are writing down what they’re eating. All of you should have a notebook to log your workouts in. You also may want to think about writing down your food or using MyfitnessPal.com. There is only ONE way to truly understand what your body is doing, and that is to look at what’s going in your mouth. There is NO workout program that will single handedly give you the body you want. Your nutrition will determine your body composition. If you are confused, bothered, or concerned about your body or your performance then look at your food. Write down a minimum of a weeks worth of food and drink and you will see exactly what’s happening. AND BE COMPLETELY HONEST!!!!

Then we can figure it out and get you on the right track:)”

Back squat: [email protected]%, [email protected], [email protected]%, [email protected]% – rest 2 minutes.
*:30 sec side planks after each set during rest.
1000m row, 50 burpees, 50 box jumps, 800m run.

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The social WOD committee is turning 1 in September and it’s time to celebrate with a few new committee members. If you are interested in joining shoot us an email at [email protected] and you will be on the list for potential social WOD committee members. For obvious reason we cannot accept everyone but don’t be discouraged, for larger events like throw downs and holiday parties we can always use the help.

The committee requires the following commitment:
3-5 hour/month
Attend meetings every other month
You will be in charge of organizing and leading events
You must attend the majority of events
You will be responsible for helping to promote events at the gym

Unfortunately all of you guys don’t know Jeff S, he was an original member at BCF and he is currently in BUD/S on his way to be a Navy SEAL. He trained for 8 weeks in Illinois before heading to California for 3 weeks of indoc where he lost a quarter of his class. He has made it to week 3 which is Hell Week. All of his buddies have either quit or have been rolled back and only about 1/3rd of his original class remains. Say a prayer that he stays healthy and keep him in your thoughts this week.

Up for new Reebok Nanos? Want some swag? We will be making a large order. New catalog in my office. I will get it in PDF soon. Shirts, shoes, accessories etc. all at a way better price through BCF.

We will be adding new members in August in preparation for the upcoming fall events.

Interested in mastering ring dips and pullups? Check out Tyler’s progression program:
dips: http://tylersullivan.net/2013/07/ring-dip-progression-template-for-crossfit/
Pull ups: http://tylersullivan.net/2013/07/pull-up-progression-template-for-crossfit/

***Do you have UnitedHealthCare for your health insurance? If so, you may be entitled to fitness center reimbursement. BCF is a registered facility and you could get back $20 every month per person from UHC for attending > 12 times a month! http://www.gym.unitedhealthallies.com/

CrossFit Kids is coming soon, after or nearly after expansion is done! If you are interested, please contact Tyler with your child’s name and age!

Our Sunday morning Bradford Beach WODs and Hooverball are coming soon!! Stay updated on the calendar and Facebook!

Our L2 classes will be starting up soon (we will be changing the name to Advanced CrossFit). We plan to have a test out day every month for which you test out to enter this class. It’s an advanced class for advanced athletes looking to take their fitness to another level, either as a competitor in the Sport of CrossFit, or just to be better in general. The guidelines are here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7HSJg7IcSg0MzZiT0hScjdJUnM/edit?usp=sharing

Original Paleo Kits and Beef Jerky are back in stock! Also, be sure to try the RX bars coffee flavor!

Want “Voodoo” bands but hate the price? After all, it’s just rubber! I’d go with the black or orange ones here: http://smrtools.networkfitness.com/compression-straps/

If no one RSVPs to open gyms, they will be canceled! So be sure to RSVP if you are planning on stopping in.

If you leave a pool of sweat, there is a mop and bucket. Use it. It’s not only for coaches.

Final note, when you touch it, you must clean it. If you use it, put it away (cups, tape, boxes, rings, etc). The more that the coaches have to clean up, the more it takes away from coaching.

Summer = heat = humidity = sweat = more to clean. Please keep YOUR gym the cleanest gym around.