8/30 WOD: Every 90 seconds…


8/30 WOD: Every 90 seconds…

This was in the office at Wilde’s place of work. Anyone see anything wrong with this?

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**Want to compete in CrossFit? Sunday, September 15th at 10am BCF will hold an informal competitors meeting.  Bring any questions you may have about The Crossfit Games, Garage Games, local comps, etc and we will do our best to get them answered.  At 11am we will hold a competition style wod, no coaching, we will judge each other, and continue to get ready. FB Event here!

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Fit’ober Fest! Coming Oct. 6-7th. Let’s represent!!!

Strength: Bench – Find new 1RM
WOD: Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes (10 total rounds):
21 Double-Unders, 7 Pullups, 3 Ground to Overhead (PICK A WEIGHT THAT IS HEAVY BUT DO-ABLE). **You can take off weight, but you cannot add weight. **Score is weight used in last round.