8/29 “Monday”


8/29 “Monday”

Today starts TEST WEEK!

We will be seeing how the last 12 weeks of strength work has helped by applying it to “barbell gymnastics.” Be ready to repeat some workouts, perform max lifts and hit benchmarks. We will flow it over into the 4-day week after to ensure you don’t burn out or miss the lifts.

After this, we’ll start the new cycle, with a large focus on weightlifting — for performance AND fitness athletes — to ensure we stay on top of our fitness. Modify them as needed based on your abilities, of course. For performance programming, you will be doing significantly more weightlifting so be sure you bring your weightlifting shoes, knee sleeves and wrist wraps. Prepare yourself for a large focus on barbell cycling, along with position work and pulling.

May the PRs be with you this week!


1RM Back Squat (Compare to 5/26)


“Helen” (Compare to 5/19)
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KB Swings (55/35)
12 Pullups