8/27 “Thursday”


8/27 “Thursday”

Fitness and Performance:
Bench press, Prowler sprint

Farmers carry, KB Swings, walking lunges, Situps, Forward/backward run (to wood fence, and run backwards on way back)

Farmers carry, DB Snatch (60/35#), walking lunges (to tree), K2E, forward/backward run



Those of you with a green thumb! If you hadn’t noticed, we have some open space in the back behind the rowers. We’re hoping to clear out those weeds and construct some raised beds for gardening! Weeee! Even though fall is upon us we have some time to plant a round of fall veggies/herbs before the first frost hits. A few things we need….
1. wood for raised beds
2. hands on deck to help weed out the space.
3. construction-savy members who can build some raised beds.
4. Any extra organic soil/compost for the raised beds.
5. Seeds for fall vegetables
If you’re interested in the vision or you’re willing help shoot me an email at [email protected]! I’m hoping we can get this done by this weekend!

  • If you are NOT A MEMBER of the Facebook group we have, but you’re a member, please email us to get added. It’s the best place to get all the latest happenings and news!
  • Coach Dan Mitchell is having informal CrossFit Endurance runs every Wednesday at 6pm! Contact Dan if you have questions! The official start of our CrossFit Endurance program will be in September. Further details will be released soon!
  • Have a picture of you before you started CrossFit with us? Please send it over! We want to start a testimonials page and we need many more of your pictures!
  • We are a community. We enjoyed the time together for that hour so why stop when it’s almost over? We should help our fellow classmate, regardless of where they are. It doesn’t have to be a huge show or rally around that person, but make it known that they know someone cares they finish strong, like you did. We are all working hard for our fitness just as hard as the next person. If you see someone still working out, let’s show them the support and what it means to be a supportive member in the community. Read more here.
  • If you’re a fan of waking up early on Sunday mornings rowing club is up and running(or rowing?). We meet at 7:30am on Sunday’s. It’s fairly informal for now but please sign up for the open gym slot in the schedule for this time. Pending interest additional class times may be added.