8/23 “Sunday”


8/23 “Sunday”

Thanks to every one who came out to the in-house throw down! It was a huge success!

Note to those that participated. Tomorrow is a long and taxing WOD. As always, listen to your bodies, drink plenty of water, and do what you need to in order to properly recover!

Class WOD:
Run w/ Med ball, Double Unders,Med Ball V-twists (l/r = 1 rep), Row, Deadlifts (135/95), Barbell Lateral jumps

Tomorrow’s rowing WOD:
Warm up with Hip Drill: 3-5 Min

8 x 500m with 1:30 rest in between.
*target pace 2k -10sec

Note: Tomorrow the Rowing club will be starting back up! If you need to improve your aerobic capacity or your overall rowing form, this is for you! It’s going to be a bit informal for now but there will be a coach present. Look for more times on the calendar pending interest! In order to sign up, please sign up for the open gym slot at 7:30AM. We’ll be starting a bit after 7:30AM.