8/22 WOD: Let’s hang…


8/22 WOD: Let’s hang…

Jeff S is rocking the WODs. He's preparing to become a US Navy Seal! He'll be in top shape when the time comes.


Article: Take the Leap!!  <—–A GREAT READ!

Individual Warm-up: 20 belly against wall HSPU

Warm-Up: Badger WU. Part 2: 15-butterfly pull-ups. Part 3: 20-dead-lifts, 15-hang power cleans w/ bar.

Strength: Dead-lift – Find new 1 rep max

WOD: Three rounds of 30-hang power cleans, 21-pull-ups and a 400 run.

RX: 75/55, L2: 55/35 L3: 35/15

Recovery: banded shoulder, supine back, seated fore arm, and groin stretches.