DeadLift, Handstand Hold, Ring dips

Front Squat

Row, HR push ups, Power Cleans, Run


Member News:
Granite Games:
If you are a business owner or know of any area businesses who would be interested in supporting and sponsoring the Badger CrossFit Granite Games team as well as advertising your company logo on the team t-shirts, please review our sponsor letter here!> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz4p-BJjxPWeUTBJS3NCWTJtdEFObkhtSzdWbUJTaTlCRGVj/edit?usp=sharing
If you would like a cost breakdown, or have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected]

Changes to the Community/Free-Intro WODS
A while back we posted about having “Community WODS” in place of the “Free-Intro WODS”. We’re still holding these “Community WODS” and we want to encourage you, our members, to come participate with any family member or friend who is curious as to why your biceps are so big. These classes will still be labeled as “free-intro” in the calendar so that members of the public are encouraged to participate as well. Thus, these classes are one in the same. Please RSVP under “Free Intro” in the calendar if you are interested in participating in the “Community WODS”.

A Calorie is sometimes not just a calorie:
Check out this great article from T-Nation here> http://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/a-calorie-is-sometimes-not-a-calorie
He addresses the following…

“•  Anyone that says calories don’t matter has zero credibility. But anyone who claims calories are all that matter has even less credibility.

•  Balance the metabolism first, then worry about calories if needed. Hunger, energy, and cravings (HEC) are your keys to understanding your metabolism and working with it, rather than against it.

•  The combo of sugar, fat, and salt will short circuit your appetite centers, turning that “cheat meal” into a cheat week, or worse.

•  The idea that calorie excess always leads to fat gain and calorie reduction always leads to fat loss is not accurate.

•  The standard “eat less, exercise more” approach to dieting leads to about 20-50% loss of lean tissue.

•  The quality of food you eat can directly affect the future efficiency of your metabolism.”