8/18 WOD: Oly, Free Intro, Partner


8/18 WOD: Oly, Free Intro, Partner

1) 5X1 Snatch (full squat) @ 95% (of heaviest ever, squat or power) rest 90 sec.
2a) 5X2 (with bottom pause) 1 Snatch Balance + 1 OHS @ 95% (same weight as above) – rest 60 sec.

Notes: This is 2 reps of 1 SN Balance and 1 OHS, not 2 SN Balance and 2 OHS. I.E. Do one SN Balance, one OHS, then another Balance, and another OHS, and that would be one set. The bottom pause should be 3 (FULL) counts in the bottom of the squat on EVERY squat.

2b) 5X3 Tempo Snatch Deadlifts @ 110% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: Tempo should be 3 (FULL) counts to the knees, then quick to the hips and back to the knees (not explosive like a SN Pull, but smooth/quick), then 3 counts back to the floor.

35 double unders/Partner balances on one leg (can only switch once)
35 push ups/Partner holds plank position
35 sit ups/Partner holds hollow position
35 pull ups/Partner holds in chin up position
35 walking lunges/Partner holds Samson Stretch
350 m. row/ Partner holds in bottom of squat
35 sledge hammer hits/ Parner holds plate overhead 45#/25#
400 m. run/Must run together
35 burpees /Must do together
For Time

Each exercise is completed by one partner while the other holds the complementary movement.  Partners then switch before moving onto the next movement. The run and burpees must be done together.