8/18 “Tuesday”


8/18 “Tuesday”

Split Jerk Stance Strict Press, Good Morning

Split Jerk, Good Morning


Hang Power Cleans (155/105) (P: Power Cleans @70%), Bar-facing Burpees



  • If you are NOT A MEMBER of the Facebook group we have, but you’re a member, please email us to get added. It’s the best place to get all the latest happenings and news!
  • The 5# package of ground beef will be delivered on Tuesday at BCF! The 5# packages are all $30. Please bring cash only as this is a trial run!
  • Coach Dan Mitchell is having informal CrossFit Endurance runs every Wednesday at 6pm! Contact Dan if you have questions! The official start of our CrossFit Endurance program will be in September. Further details will be released soon!
  • Have a picture of you before you started CrossFit with us? Please send it over! We want to start a testimonials page and we need many more of your pictures!
  • Interested in Volleyball? Here’s a note from BCFer Big Mike Q. Contact us if you can’t get a hold of him: “ I’m in the process of putting together a Thursday night volleyball team at Horny Goat. In case you don’t know, it’s indoor 6’s co-ed beach volleyball. This session begins September 24th and is usually 9 weeks long. Game start times are as early as 6:00 pm and as late as 10:00 pm. We’ll be playing in a pretty competitive B league so serious players only please! Registration begins this Saturday so please let me know if you’re committed by Friday at the latest. This is a great opportunity to utilize the fitness you work so hard for!
  • We are a community. We enjoyed the time together for that hour so why stop when it’s almost over? We should help our fellow classmate, regardless of where they are. It doesn’t have to be a huge show or rally around that person, but make it known that they know someone cares they finish strong, like you did. We are all working hard for our fitness just as hard as the next person. If you see someone still working out, let’s show them the support and what it means to be a supportive member in the community. Read more here.
  • Dont forget to sign up for the Badger CrossFit In-House competition! All levels of skill welcome! Workouts will scalable, same as in the regular group classes! Tonight/tomorrow AM is the last chance to get in on the action! It will be a blast!