8/17 WOD: Manmaker hell…


8/17 WOD: Manmaker hell…

Textbook American-kb swing by Brie.

Hey Ladies!!!!  Guess what…if you are lifting weights here, YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY!!!!!!!  Here’s what might happen:  You will tone up, you will tighten up, you will increase the ability to burn calories. YOU WILL INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE!!!!  With the amount of weight that most women lift, its IMPOSSIBLE to get BULKY.  Gaining size has to do with diet, lifting a particular way, and genetics.  I can promise it wont make you “big”.  Now guys, your body works differently than the ladies.  You are made to get big and increase your strength and size.  It doesn’t mean you will get all puffy and have one of those useless “gym-bodies”.  You will look like a warrior!  You will look like a machine!  You will look like a BADASS because you will be a BADASS!  CrossFit is about increased performance.  The by-product of the lifestyle is a very strong, very sexy body.  Come feel what being healthy really feels like!

Strength: Squats 1) 3 x 70%, 2) 3 x 80%, 3) max reps x 90%
WOD: 1-8, 8-1 manmakers and pull-ups. 100m sprint after each.
RX: 50/35.

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