8/14 WOD: 800m flutter


8/14 WOD: 800m flutter

Steve aka “Soup” in the proper front rack position. Elbows UP!!!

If you miss a rep in the gym, will you get busted?  No.  If we see it, sure we will tell you. But, it is easy to do some creative counting, or cheat and ill even say it…lie.  Those are some pretty harsh words huh?  I know there is a competitve feel in the gym at times, especially between certain people of your caliber.  No one wants to feel like they are not good.  Here’s the thing; if you short your reps, the movement, etc just so that you are faster than the next person, you automatically lose.  What I mean by this is, you make it easier to cheat next time.  You don’t get the benefits of the workout.  You will need to “con” yourself into thinking that you did a good job.  You hurt only yourself.  Training here is about making you better than you were yesterday.  Better physically, and a mentally stronger person.  Be proud of yourself and what you can do right now.  Know that you will get better if you put the time and the work in.  You only need to compare yourself to yourself.  No one else. Pride is left at the door.  Check it there and give what you have and then smile!

Strength: Shoulder Press 3×3
WOD: Three rounds of 800 m run, 200 flutter kicks.

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