8/13 WOD: Cray…


8/13 WOD: Cray…

Social WOD this past Saturday! Rock climbing! What a great time.

We all have stresses in our lives: jobs, relationships, kids, money, time, illnesses, family, pets, bills, friends, etc, etc.  All of these things take a toll on us.  Sometimes we gets so used to dealing with it that we forget what it was like when we didn’t have to.  Enter the box.  Your gym is not just a big room full of weights and bars and rings.  Its not just a place to get stronger.  Its a place of rejuvenation.  “What the crap, Tyler?!? I am exhausted after work and it takes everything I have to get in there and then I get my ass handed to me with these workouts!”  And yes you are exactly right on that.  But once you get yourself there, the process begins.  Your body starts to move, you start to loosen up your body that hasn’t been doing anything but sitting or standing all day.  Sweat starts to bead up on your body as your metabolism kicks up.  You start to breath hard and blood moves to the muscles.  There is a shot of adrenaline that starts to course through your body as you realize what the workout will be! This adrenaline causes dopamine to be excreted into the body and you start to get that feel good sensation all over!  You battle the weights and that voice in your head and you are releasing tons of stress!  You grunt! You scream! You jump! You drop weights! You run! You see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that you WILL make it!  You finish the workout and lay there on your back in the common CrossFit after workout pose with your eyes closed but feeling amazing.  Your eyes open and you look to the others laying on the floor and you smile!  It feels good! Your body is exhausted but tingling with life.  You pick your stuff up, get congratulated by other athletes and you cheer on other athletes.  You leave high-fiving your team, feeling alive and happy.  If this isn’t rejuvenation, then I don’t know what is.  This place honestly keeps me alive.  I hope it does the same for you!

Strength: Dead-lift 3×3
WOD: Two Rounds of 20-165lb Dead-lift, 20-pull ups, 10-165lb Front Squat, 20-toes 2 bar, 5-165lb push jerk, 20-CF push ups

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