7/31 WOD: Run, abs, run.


7/31 WOD: Run, abs, run.

Husband and wife WODing together = happy and fit family.

I think there is a large gap when it comes to people about really understanding what CrossFit is and what its all about.  I have seen articles written and comments made that seem to rip holes into Crossfit and what it and the community are about.  To debate all the incorrect points, I’d be typing all night. But ill give you one right now:  What makes a workout a Crossfit workout?  Is running a 10k Crossfit?  Is doing “Fran” Crossfit?  The answer is yes to both and no to both depending on how it’s used.  Crossfit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movements Done at High Intensity with the the intent on increasing your fitness.  Fitness is defined as Increased Work Capacity over Broad Time and Modal Domains.  So, if you are using a 10k as one of your constantly varied movements at a particular intensity but you are only doing it every so often, and you are doing it with the intent of increasing some of the 10 characteristics of fitness, then yes it is.  If you are doing “Fran”, probably the most famous CrossFit workout of all time, and you do it 3 times a week and you are trying to get faster and faster at your Fran, then you are not doing Crossfit.  In all reality, there isnt any 1 workout that we could sayis Crossfit.  Crossfit is a program consisting of many movements, put together many different ways in long and short duration with a particular purpose.  You would have to look at the program as a whole, its goal and its progress to determine whether it’s Crossfit or not.  It’svery important that you as a Crossfitter understands this idea so that you know why you do what you day in and day out.

Strength: Bench Press 3×3.
Skill: Max effort abmat situps in 2min
WOD: 400 m run 21 v-ups, 21 slapping pushups
400m run 15 v-ups, 15 clapping pushups
400m run 9 v-ups, 9 clapping pushups
400m run
**Rx is that the hands slap the chest on the pushup, scaled would be clapping or regular pushups

CFFB/Strength Class:

SWOD: 3×5 Squat
DWOD  Death by chinup
*go to at least 10:00 -if fail prior, just drop a couple
reps and keep going until 10:00
….then 3x500m row 1:1 rest (or whatever you can
set rowers to track properly and record total time)


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