7/29 “Wednesday”


7/29 “Wednesday”

Clean (squat or power)

Fitness and Performance:
Hang Power Cleans, no-pushup burpee box jump (P: burpee box jumps), Sprint

When you’re planning your goals, whether they’re related to weight-loss, performance, finances, or lifestyle, significant change doesn’t happen over night. We all know that we live in a culture of “NOW”. We receive information NOW, affirmation NOW, gratification NOW because of the way the western world works. Though convenient, it can be tempting to allow these innovations to change how we view our goals. Our goals are not accomplished over night nor are they accomplished with a single visceral moment of the ever-elusive “MOTIVATION”. When motivation hits us, it’s a beautiful thing. We find ourselves bustling about, accomplishing all the things, saving the world, but then suddenly, like an ether, it disappears into the night and we are left wondering why and how this magic left us. In the same way a long-term marriage cannot be sustained with stary-eyed affection and passion, our goals cannot be sustained with JUST moments of motivation. SO WHAT DO WE DOOOO??

Breaking Muscle wisely suggests these three things.
1. Plan
2. Rehearse
3. React

This is your ability to forecast the week ahead for meals, workouts, expenses. A grocery list and a calendar are your best friends. A grocery list is essential to success with nutrition, without one based on the meals you’ve laid out for the week, you’re at-risk for spending excess money on food you don’t need.

“If you have the habit of looking ahead at obstacles, you’ll be better prepared and better able to handle the ups and downs of life.”
This could look like planning your meals/ grocery list on the Sunday before the week, getting an accountability partner to attend your work outs with, signing up for crossfit classes ahead of time, looking at and reassessing your goals or budget on a monthly basis.

Get out a calendar, map out the next one to three months’ of events, and try to predict potential obstacles. Holidays, vacations, kids schedules, and anything else that can throw your finances, your nutrition of your workouts off. No need to get into detail. Just circle certain things in a different color so you are aware of a potential challenge coming up.

“This means practicing and deciding in advance how you will react to adversity. Adversity could be social situations, unexpected events that throw off your schedule, or not getting the results you expect from your training, nutrition, or (lifestyle) plan.

“Scripting how you will react is essential for dealing with roadblocks. Here are some examples (specifically food related but this idea can carry over to training or lifestyle goals):
If I have a party to attend, I will have two drinks and one plate of whatever I want.
If I had a terrible eating day, I will think about why it happened and learn from it.
I expect to lose two pounds, but if the scale doesn’t agree, I’ll wait another week and then assess my program.

By rehearsing your actions, you can avoid “cheating” and instead feel successful. Formerly, eating a brownie at a party would be a failure. But if you said in advance that it would be okay to have it, then you successfully followed through with your plans.

Long term, little wins like this will keep you going as opposed to painting your nutrition only in terms of being “bad” or “good.” Emotions can ruin a great plan. Rehearsing adversity in advance will help take the emotion out of moment.”

“This is all about how well you follow through on what you rehearsed. If you didn’t get the results you wanted, did you quit or objectively look at why it didn’t happen? If you didn’t do a great job, did you forgive yourself and learn from it? On the flip side, if you did awesome, have you acknowledged that?

As you go through these three steps, be sure to avoid the most common pitfall – perfection. Instead of writing down what you think someone else would expect of you, put down what you actually know can happen.

So, instead of having a grocery list of just egg whites, broccoli, and quinoa to please the bodybuilding magazines, be sure to include some of your favorite foods. When rehearsing what you will do at a family gathering, avoid thinking that you will drink only water and not have dessert. Of course you will indulge – just make it reasonable.”
Quotes from: http://breakingmuscle.com/nutrition/3-steps-to-avoiding-roadblocks-in-your-weight-loss-goals

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