7/27 “Monday”


7/27 “Monday”


Fitness: Bulgarian split squat, pull-up work, Double KB/DB rows
Performance: Bulgarian split squat, rope climb, bent over barbell rows


Fitness: Slam balls, DB thrusters, calorie row
Performance: Airdyne, thrusters, C2B pullups

Bon Voyage Coach Eric! For those that don’t know, Coach Eric’s last day was today, and he is moving about 45 minutes away! From Tyler:

Eric was with me since the beginning of my journey starting BCF 4 years ago. He walks in to my office in full uniform about 2 weeks after I opened my doors; thinking Gary called the Police again or because I didn’t have my occupancy permit yet, Eric inquired about my gym. After a sigh of relief and change of shorts, he quickly became a close confidant and ally in my gym. Always positive and eager to learn and help others, I made him a coach, as the knowledge he contained needed to be released to the public. It’s with great gratitude and of course some sadness (elite sadness only) that I say farewell to him and his family at BCF. We will miss him, I will miss him. Thank you for your service to both the public, you all in the gym and my business, good sir. Enjoy the country life.


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