7/22 “Tuesday”


7/22 “Tuesday”

Bicycle abs, Handstand hold, double unders

Strict T2B, Freestanding handstand, UB double unders

Run, Dumbbell Push Press,Burpee Box Jump-overs

Row, Handstand PU, Run

***”When I see someone struggling with the lack of change they see, I tell them one thing. “Give yourself a chance. It will come if you keep it up…

Your potential is inside you.

Right now, it’s in there, waiting.

Waiting for the foundation of perseverance and ambition to be laid.

Waiting for you to take the everyday action needed for its arrival.

Your potential is in the adaptation your body makes to each lift, each PR, each failure.

Your potential is in the chemical change that begins to occur when you switch from foods that cause inflammation to foods that mitigate it.

Your potential is in the character you build every time you say “Yes, I can, YES, I will.”

The person you are today is not the person you will be tomorrow, or the person you will be in 10 years. With each moment, you change, you adapt to the stimuli you present yourself with.

It is not always easy to take charge of that change. It’s not easy to choose the hard workout, to say no to the box of cookies. It’s not easy when you don’t see the results overnight. But when you take charge of that change, you take charge of your future, and you unleash your potential.

Choose the actions which will make you better, make you closer to that ideal you know is inside of you.

Choose the better you.”
***from tylersullivan.net